Much Ado About Virgins


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ImageI have read quite a number of materials online very recently about the topic of chastity and virginity and I think a different look at the whole concept might help shed more light on the sanity  and insanity, value and blanks, dignity and chauvinism about the apple that inspired that great musician Bob Marley to sing “No Woman No Cry” and inspired another singer to redefine it by singing “No Woman No Drive”.

The ado about virginity is totally about sex and not horses or exercise breaking the hymen of girl or wet dreams in the grungy nights of a young male. This is my true opinion. Although I’ve left this exact comment somewhere else, I feel the need to put it on a larger platform where more eyes can see and better brains can assess and share the juice of it.

Questions like “What’s your take on virginity?  Do you think being sexually chaste before marriage will help save us from heartache and marriage last longer like our parents believed it will or it doesn’t matter at all? Does a girl’s virginity make you as a guy appreciate a lady more? What do you think?” according to Elsie’s Blog

A lot of elements were stringed to the plaque of loosing virginity before marriage like peer pressure and lack of proper care and mentorship, exposure to sexually motivating materials and more. Some people even suggested that although virginity is dignifying, they would rather marry a man or woman who already had sexual experience and all, while others felt it’s better for a man or woman to do it before marriage. A particular Kenny guy said “Sex is gratifying and when a lady starts having it she seeks more and as a novice in it, heading into marriage, there is a tendency she might want to explore outside her matrimonial home. Having sex before marriage isn’t bad but having too much of it isn’t good”. I tore through a lot of materials and everyone had their reason for their argument but for me, this is what I have to say.

“I would gladly marry a bitch, whore or hoe as they call it now because I don’t have to trust her, she’s had and seen enough already and for her to decide to be with me, then I must be something different.. I don’t have to worry about trusting her, all I need to do is keep that part of me that gave a reason to choose and stay alive.. What every woman want is to be responsible and be seen as good… I’ve been on the street for too long to know that..

I will gladly marry a virgin too because I am sure of one thing, for her to say yes to me, then I must have stood out in a great way and all I need to do is keep it exciting to distract her from the excitement that is rumored to be outside. I don’t have to trust her, she’s proven her mettle and only needs to be respected and loved…If she’s a log in bed, then I become a monkey. If she’s shy, here is the place of wine in marriage… everybody warms up to new experiences, you don’t need plenty coaches to become a pro…one good coach is good enough, ask Serena and Venus, they only needed their father to conquer the world of female tennis so guys, quit the excuse of skills.. together you can consult kamasutra or whatever they call it. The idea that a virgin will cheat in marriage out of the thirst for the unknown is therefore totally baseless.

I am a control freak when it comes to my body, although I have weaknesses like the Achilles of this world, I can stand in the guild of virgins with pride even though I am not one. It took close to three decades to bow to the Baal called skirt. Not because I was in dearth of women, or money or space to slaughter the lamb, but because I chose not to. Pressure is no excuse for those who couldn’t because I was in the midst of it “strip clubs, nights clubs, dope chain, drinking binges, porn” and there were able and willing girls in all of this experiences since I was 17 I guess but I can’t remember anyone putting a gun to my head, the best they did was spite and whoop my ass with words, even girls did but I guess my catechism teachings as a catholic had a stronger pressure on me. When I finally did, I did because I was sure I wanted to, I didn’t get pressured or groan for it, I asked and I was given.

I am not on the lookout to get hooked to a virgin, neither am I shopping for experience, I will be with the woman that defines me and not based on her sexual CV. Virginity is dignifying, sex is fun but not as enjoyable as we all make it seem… Sex will not keep a man, in fact, it’s going turn a guy like me off if that’s the only card you have to play, it is affordable remember and nothing makes yours better than those for sale so quit the trap mode ideas. Staying chaste is not the joker as well, there is something sitting on your neck and the last time i checked it has more value than the hole or pole between your legs.

Hell to the brothers that claims virginity is no longer in vogue, I hope you have sisters and I hope the brothers in their classes and in your hood find them in dark places… I hope that will make you smile.

Hell to the sisters who forget the value on their neck but instead guard their thighs and learn nothing, becoming burden and liabilities, creating nuisance and having no values to bring to the table. Some day you will loose the grace and your man will be filled with rage because no man is satisfied with a lousy, lazy , valueless former virgin Mrs.

Hell to the sisters that forget that it is power than lies between their thighs and give it out for, BlackBerry, Tfare, Recharge card, Rosay, Hennessy, Shoes, Bags, Cars, anything that money can buy, or just because it’s hitching and they needed it to be scratched, you are the ones bringing disgrace to the women race and your roads will always be rough if you don’t find value in you and stop trading power for peanuts.

Hell to the brothers whose pole as become a filling station, don’t be surprised when things go wrong and you don’t know how it happened… it’s called karma, you don’t have to build tall fences to protect your daughters, they will scale it and get whooped by your past.

The fact is this, as long as we don’t see sex for what it is…(procreation and pleasure in marriage) or virginity for what it should be…(Preservation of self for the ultimate plan and purpose of creation) we will continue to have discussions like this. I am not a judge, neither am I commending the foolish virgins or condemning the sexually active we. Having sex before marriage does not remove your dignity, becoming a bitch or filling station does the job, preserving your body though dignifying does not make you a saint, you need oil for the night, else you miss the groom like your great ancestors in the bible.”

I am proud of who I am, many women has seen me naked, if you were around when I was a child, I was notorious for chasing leaves on erosion naked in the rain, of course there were a lot of women around, if you weren’t around then, then you must have missed your chance, only few will get the chance to see me naked.. I will post pictures of me without shirts on online soon so you can at least have an idea of what you’ve missed.

Virgins are worth it… ask the suicide bombers 🙂


I am Babaolowo 🙂